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Buy Moringa Bulk Makes a Differences

Moringa Oleifera Plain Seeds (kg)


Minimum Order 20/kg


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Uses for Moringa Seeds

When the kernels are used for oil extraction, the grains are harvested and processed straight away. The fresh, soft seeds are broken into pieces and heated with water, and then they are pressed for oil. Much research is being done in this field to get a high amount oil out of the buds. Still a long road to go to find the right methode for  seeds oil pressing.

Moringa seeds can also be harvested for other proposes beside oil. It could be used as food, to purify water or in cultivating further Moringa crops. Moringa seeds are a very welcome in many cultures as a nutritious food. The  kernels are full of nutrients, making them as popular as the leaves in lots of meals and recipes.

Eating couple of Moringa dry seeds every day procured you a good breath !!

Additional Information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 16 × 14 cm


All orders are individually processed following P.O. to assure ultimate freshness.

Free sample available for all products, FOB, Montreal, Canada


Payment: 50% down, balance, COD
Minimum volume accumulative per Bulk sale: $5,000.00 FOB, Haiti

Delivery lead times:

Small orders,10 days... larger orders 3/4 weeks
Prices liable to change without prior notice.