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Buy Moringa Bulk Makes a Differences

Moringa Roasted & Salted Seeds (kg)


Minimum Order 20/kg

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  • Extremely rich with more than 14 types of amino acid essential to the functioning of all body. Moringa roasted seeds, bad breath, liver cure, decalcification system, energy booster
  • Wonderful body energy booster contain high natural sugar, mouth germs killer with over 14 essentials amino acids, take as a snack, cut starve make lost body fat greatest bio antioxidant on earth.
  • Hypoallergenic, Diabetes Relief, Greater Alertness, Better Endurance, diabetic type 2
  • Those seeds can restore intestinal flora and eliminate constipation. Sources of fiber and protein search by nutritionist. Increased Focus, Mental Clarity,blood sugar level, natural fat burner weight lost body fat
  • The seeds of Moringa grilling and salt are a great sourse of energy for a person who makes a diet because it cuts hunger. Snack seeds, super food, iron, potassium, calcium, super fruit, protein


All orders are individually processed following P.O. to assure ultimate freshness.

Free sample available for all products, FOB, Montreal, Canada


Payment: 50% down, balance, COD
Minimum volume accumulative per Bulk sale: $5,000.00 FOB, Haiti

Delivery lead times:

Small orders,10 days... larger orders 3/4 weeks
Prices liable to change without prior notice.